Organizing Convention Election Results

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Party Officer Results:

  • DCRP Chair: Teena Horlacher
  • DCRP Vice Chair: Helen Watts
  • DCRP Secretary: Brady Jugler
  • DCRP Treasurer: Julie Johnson

State Central Committee Results:

  1. Teena Horlacher (379)
  2. Brady Jugler (372)
  3. Helen Watts (367)
  4. Tyler Moss (365)
  5. Don Guymon (337)
  6. Julie Edwards (320)
  7. Rob Anderson (309)
  8. Drew Chamberlain (306)
  9. Phil Wright (304)
  10. Lemar Luke (297)
  11. Peter Cannon (293)
  12. Janice Legler (287)
  13. Lee Skabelund (284)
  14. Scott Balaich (276)
  15. Heather Gardner (264)
  16. Bret Milburn (255)
  17. Todd Weiler (226)
  18. Kathleen Anderson (224)
  19. Neka Roundy (220)
  20. Paul Dixon (218)
  21. Greg Frasier (207)
  22. Tonya Triplett (162)
  23. Joseph Rust (155)
  24. Swen Howard (131)
  25. Sylvia Fisk (126)
  26. D. Christensen (111)
  27. Mike Knudsen (96)
  28. Sheila Statter (24)
  29. Jason Larsen (23)

Run for Office

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Some offices have recently become available in the DCRP: the Senate District 20 Chair and Vice Chair positions and the Senate District 21 Vice Chair position.
Below is more information for anyone interested in these positions.
Who may run for these seats?  
Any registered Republican who lives in that senate district.
What are the responsibilities of the Senate Chair according to the bylaws?
  • Actively assist their district’s State Senate candidate who has received the Republican nomination;
  • Assists their elected Republican State Senator as requested; (c) actively promote the purposes of the Party;
  • Perform other duties requested by the Party Chair; and
  • Is a member of the Lincoln Club Executive Committee (the fundraising arm of the Party.)
  • Senate District Chairs may directly communicate with Precinct Officers regarding the district’s Republican nominee for State Senate or the district’s elected Republican State Senator, but this does not alter the underlying role and duty of the Legislative District Chair to be the sole contact for coordinating DCRP business with Precinct Officers.
  • Assists with credentialing at county conventions and central committee meeting
  • Is a voting member of the Executive and Central Committees
  • Is an automatic state and county delegate
What are the responsibilities of the Senate Vice-chair according to the bylaws?
  • Assumes the responsibilities of the Senate District Chair during absence or vacancy 
  • Perform other duties requested by the Senate District Chair; (c) be members of the Credentials Committee; and
  • Is a member of the Lincoln Club Executive Committee. 
  • Assist with credentialing at county conventions and central committee meetings
  • Is a non-voting member of the Executive Committee.  If the Senate Chair is absent, then the vice-chair may vote in place of the chair.
  • Is a voting member of the Central Committee.
  • Is an automatic county delegate
Who votes in these elections?
Members of the Davis County Republican Party Central Committee members who reside in the respective senate district.
Who are members of the DCRP Central Committee?
  • County, State, and Federally Elected Officials living in and representing Davis County 
  • Senate District Chairs and Vice-chairs
  • Legislative District Chairs & Vice chairs
  • Precinct Chairs & Vice-chairs 
  • Lincoln Club President 
  • Auxiliary Presidents 
  • DCRP Officers

What is the process for me running for this seat?

  • Email the DCRP Secretary, Elaine Oaks, by:
      • Tuesday, June 28 at 5:00 pm for Senate District 21
      • Tuesday, July 5 at 5:00 pm for Senate District 20

    at and let her know you would like your name on the ballot.

  • If your name is not on the ballot, you may run from the floor.
  • Have a 2 minute speech prepared.
  • Come to the election.  If you cannot attend, have someone come represent you.


county convention

County Convention

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The Davis County Nominating Convention will be April 16th at Woods Cross High School (add to your calendar). Please arrive at 8 am for registration and meeting the candidates.

The county nominating convention is for all county delegates who were elected at the Caucus meeting on March 22nd. Please read a welcome letter from the Davis County Party Officers explaining your role during convention.

See the proposed convention rules.

See the proposed convention agenda. This is for the formal part of the convention that starts with a call to order at 10 am.

County delegates will also be voting on proposed amendments to the Party Constitution. Feel free to read the proposals beforehand.

Furthermore, we recommend you review the list of candidates to be considered at this convention.

If you have questions, please contact your Legislative Chair.

We’ll see you at convention!